Hiring a Qualified Radon Tester

You’ve read up on radon gas, and you are now ready to have your home tested. Now what?

When researching radon testers in Cincinnati, the very first step is to make sure the individual is certified and licensed by the Ohio Department of Health. A qualified radon tester, like Radon Diva, knows the proper test conditions, EPA-certified testing devices, and guidelines for obtaining reliable radon test results.

Once hired, we ask our clients specific questions about their home to make sure we recommend the best testing strategy. During the conversation, we walk our customers through the conditions that are needed 12 hours prior to the start of the test, as well as conditions that need to be maintained during the 48-hour testing period to ensure reliable radon test results.

When we arrive to set the test, we answer any questions that may have come up, and we will review again the testing conditions that need to be maintained. The set-up takes no more than 15 minutes.

After the 48-hour testing period, a team member will pick up the test. Shortly after pick-up, a report will be sent showing an overall radon average, along with hourly readings. Depending on the radon level in the home, we walk through the next steps.

Radon testing is simple and hassle-free. Contact Radon Diva today to schedule your test!


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