New 2013 Radon Rules

There have been updates to the Ohio Administrative Code 3701-69 (The Radon Rules) that took effect January 1, 2013. Radon Diva headed up to Columbus, Ohio to learn more.

How do these new updates affect a single-family home owner (non-real estate transaction)?

If the home is a split-level building with one or more foundation types, a radon test is now required on each of these foundation types. For example, if a home has a basement and a crawlspace, a radon test is required in both the basement and in a room over the crawlspace. If a home has all three foundation types (basement, crawlspace, slab-on-grade), three radon tests are required, one over each foundation type.

Keep in mind, when the level(s) of the home being tested for radon is over 2000 square feet, an additional radon test location is required for each 2000 square feet of the level being tested. Although this is not new to the rules, it’s important to mention.

If the level in which we will be radon testing your home is larger than 2000 square feet or if your home is a split-level building with more than one foundation types, contact the Radon Diva for an estimate!


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