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Not only is the Radon Diva team certified (and licensed) to test for radon, our equipment is also certified.

Since you cannot see radon, taste radon, or smell radon, special equipment is needed to detect it. Radon Diva uses continuous radon monitors to measure the home’s radon levels. These monitors are EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) verified, NEHA-NRPP (National Environmental Health Association-National Radon Proficiency Program) listed and evaluated and approved by the NRSB (National Radon Safety Board). And to ensure accurate and reliable test results, Radon Diva cross checks the monitors every six months, and we send them in for calibration yearly. We take our certification seriously!

How do the monitors work? During the 48-hour testing period, the monitors continually track real-time variations of radon concentrations by measuring once per hour. Once the test is picked up from the home, our team members pull the data into an easy-to-understand report, which not only charts the hourly readings but also lists the hourly readings. There’s also an overall average given.

Radon levels do fluctuate, so in the reports, radon dips and spikes are seen. Here’s an example:


These peaks and valleys are representative of the true nature of radon entry. But why the dips and spikes? Radon gas will enter the home at a rate that depends on the air pressure inside the home, which is affected by temperature, wind conditions, exhaust systems in the home, and temporary use of pressure altering devices such as a dryers, range hoods, bathroom fans, and fireplaces (which should not be used during the testing period unless it is the primary source of heat), among others.

So, when you see the dips and spikes, rest assured that it is normal as radon gas fluctuates hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and season-to-season. But if we see something abnormal when reviewing the data, a team member will alert you and discuss next steps.

If you have any additional questions about radon testing and the equipment used, please do not hesitate to call Radon Diva. We are standing by to answer any questions you may have!


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