Radon and Lung Cancer Screening

Radon Diva has tested thousands in the Cincinnati-area that have had elevated radon levels.

As a homeowner, hearing that you have been exposed to elevated radon levels can be a real cause for concern. Many ask, “What should we do next?”

We encourage homeowners to discuss their medical questions and concerns with their healthcare providers and to ask their providers whether they should get regular health checkups or tests such as low-dose CT scans of their lungs to look for possible signs of lung cancer.

And we recommend fixing the radon problem in the home. Radon mitigation is an easy fix, and the cost is comparable to other home repairs.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a soil depressurization system with venting to the outside. In layman’s terms: Imagine a straw that bends at the bottom end. That bottom of the straw goes through the foundation of your home, collecting the radon gas from below the slab. The remainder of the straw runs up the side of your home and above the roof line, pulling the radon gas through the “straw” and releasing it above your roof line.

More reading on mitigation? Visit the EPA’s site.

And for information on lung cancer symptoms, diagnostic processes, screening and associated risks, please visit the fact sheet prepared by Bruce Snead at Kansas State University.


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