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If your home’s radon test result is 4.0 pCi/L or above, it is recommended to retest or to mitigate to reduce the radon levels in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that homeowners consider mitigation if radon levels are at 2.0 – 4.0 pCi/L.

Keep in mind, it’s impossible to reduce the radon levels to zero, but the best way to approach it is to try to get it down as low as possible.

The EPA recommends a soil depressurization system with venting to the outside. In layman’s terms: Imagine a straw that bends at the bottom end. That bottom of the straw goes through the foundation of your home, collecting the radon gas from below the slab. The remainder of the straw runs up the side of your home and above the roof line, pulling the radon gas through the “straw” and releasing it above your roof line.

Mitigation systems typically range from $850 to $1200, and we can help you with that too!

More reading on mitigation? Visit the EPA’s site.

Has it been 2 years since your last radon test? Radon levels fluctuate due to weather conditions and house conditions. Because of this, the EPA recommends that all homeowners test their homes every 2 years to ensure that radon levels stay below 4.0 pCi/L.

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